Adaptive Cruise Control

Conventional adaptive cruise control solutions adjust the speed of the vehicle to maintain a safe distance between other vehicles. Our advancement to adaptive cruise control allows vehicles to modulate their speed to optimize energy efficiency during travel. Using our predictive road conditions data and look-ahead algorithms, vehicle speed is adapted to the wind speed and road slope. Predictive data allows the vehicle to anticipate the conditions along the road and plan its speed throughout an entire route.


This is a major advancement in cruise control technology. Until now, solutions to this problem resorted to using probability statistics of future road conditions because realtime accurate road condition data wasn't available. With our predictive road conditions data, autonomous cars, electric vehicles, and fleets can optimize the energy efficiency of their vehicles to lower cost by up to 22%.

Using our mobile application individuals receive real time notifications on how to modify their driving behavior to improve efficiency. Companies can optimize the efficiency of their fleets using our web application. And autonomous cars can program our adaptive cruise control into their systems via our API.