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This API call will return the road conditions for a particular location at the current local time. Use this request to get real time road condition data for a specific location (i.e. if you want to know the road conditions at State St. and Atlantic Ave. in Downtown Boston, MA).


Predictive. This API call anticipates the conditions on the road before you drive it. Looking ahead to give you advanced warning at a single point at a particular time in the future. Similar to the node, use this call to return road conditions for a point of interest, but at some time in the future.


Historical. Hyper-local road condition data in the past can be accessed with this API call. Knowledge of road conditions in the past can be useful for insurance agencies or city planners who want to know what the conditions were when an event took place.


Complete route planning. This call will return a large dataset of route options from your choice of a starting point and a destination. Each route contains node environment data at each point along the route and associated groupings of data to show aggregated risk assessments for efficiency and safety. Our own Adaptive Cruise Control algorithm uses this API call to form its predictive ability and fuel savings.

Path Options