Bringing Efficiency to Life

iOS Mobile Application

  • Used by businesses and individuals to save money on fuel and find the safest and most efficient routes

  • Electric vehicle owners increase their distance traveled when using this app

Includes our Pathfinding Algorithms

  • Introducing environmental data such as wind, slope of the road, and temperature

  • Traffic data optimizes your travel time

  • Anticipates accident risk to improve safety and efficiency

Turn-by-Turn Real Time Updates

  • Live navigation instructions as you traverse your route

  • Real time environmental updates including wind, temperature, and road surface conditions

  • Look-ahead algorithms anticipate the environment you are heading into

  • Driving behavior is analyzed to alert you how to be more efficient and reduce the risk of an accident

Historical Data and Analytics

  • Analyze your performance, calculate fuel cost savings, project future savings, and compare routes

  • Determine the best time to travel in all weather conditions