Plan for Better Navigation

Web Application

  • Fleet managers and route planners use this tool to discover more efficient and safer routes

  • Companies save millions of dollars on fuel when using this app

  • Level 3 and 4 autonomous vehicles and simulation tools use this app to plan when and where they need to hand-off control to human drivers


  • Exhaustive search for the most efficient and safest routes

  • Optimization of time and energy cost

  • Consideration of traffic, real time wind conditions, and road slope


  • Optimal route scheduling and time coordination given the constantly changing environment

  • Enter multiple trips and discover the optimal order

  • Deploy several vehicles and optimize which vehicles go when and where

Autonomous Hand-Off Scheduling

  • Identify the sections of routes with risk due to road conditions and traffic

  • Give a heads up alert to the human passenger when they need to take over control

Cooperative Control

  • Share information across groups of vehicles to maximize revenue, efficiency, and accuracy

  • Platooning for fleets can access lead vehicle's data to control follow vehicles behavior and assist in a group goal